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(Live) F/Ui LTU1 Rugged Gold( CC)— Drama 2:00 (1994) A wealthy widow (Jill
Eikenberry) marries a gold prospector (Art Hindle) and moves to the Alaskan
wilderness . 61 3086 E£j f nc Fox Weekend Report ~W In Living Color— Comedy
6532883 SSI! fig All In Good Taste— Cooking 6530425 HX Jungle Battle: Burma
1:001607593 tS TIT EQJ To Catch a Killer— Crime Drama 4:00633767 (
Canadian; 1 992) Fact-based story of serial killer John Wayne Gacy (Brian

The Mind Of The Master Class

Author: Elizabeth Fox-Genovese
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9781139446563
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In Georgia and Texas people long talked about how mobs whipped, hanged, or
drove out even the most circumspect of crit— ics. The New York—born Lorenzo
Sherwood, who became ... He would not be permitted to address a public
meeting to defend himself against charges of being a “nigger—lover” and a
subversive. Sherwood resigned from the legislature.31 ... Travels in the Old
South: Selected from Periodicals of the Time, 2. vols. (Lexington, KY, 1973),
2z425i6; Essig, Bonds of ...

New Mexico S Ice Ages

Author: Spencer G. Lucas
Publisher: New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science
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Shomaker, Wayne Lambert, Sherm Wengerd, Vin Kelley, Diego Córdova, Art
Metcalf, Vance Haynes, Pete Eidenbach, Mark Wimberly, Bob Weber, and a host
of others in both public and private sectors. ... NMBMMR Circular 163
demonstrates John's ability to quickly pull together a comprehensive array of
interdisciplinary materials from disparate sources into a cohesive and extremely
useful guide that remains the most comprehensive and time-honored guidebook
to the continental rift ...

Music At Michigan

Publisher: UM Libraries
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He participated in the National Association of Teacher of Singing Fall Workshop
at Wayne State University; directed a vocal workshop at St. John's Armenian
Church in Southfield; and gave a recital at the Interlochen Arts Academy with
pianist Susan ... David Crawford, associate dean and professor of music history/
musi- cology, gave a paper on "Browsing Through Renaissance Liturgical Books"
at the national meeting of the American Musicological Society in Oakland last

Alumnae Bulletin

Author: Randolph-Macon Woman's College. Alumnae Association
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The older daughter of Lois Phillips Albertson, Lari Jacqueline, was married to
John Wayne Doughty on October 2, 1971 in The Essex Unitarian Church of
London. When Lois wrote, her younger ... I have recently published articles,
fiction, poetry in The Ladies' Home Journal, Parents' Magazine, American Girl,
Weight Watchers' Magazine, The Christian Century, Sportsfishing, Medical
Economics, Travel, The Christian Science Monitor and numerous others. I had a
wonderful trip around ...

New York Magazine

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A Frontline town meeting, moderated by Harvard Law professor Charles Oglctrce,
exploring the outlook of black soldiers and civilians during war. CO The ... 10:00
O Eddie Dodd has a hard time defending Senator Sprague against bribery
charges, since Roger is seeing the senator's daughter and refuses to stop. 12:30
... O No one will be surprised if these two meet in the playoffs down the road: The
Chicago Bulls travel to the legendary hothouse, the Boston Garden, to play the

The Rotarian

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LANS FOR Rotary's annual international meeting for 1945 are, in broad outline,
already set. A gathering to be limited to designated officers and proxies, it will be
held at the Edgewater Beach Hotel in Chicago, 111., May 31 and June 1 and 2.
International Assembly sessions will be held at the same hotel from May 27 to
June 2. For further decisions of the Executive Committee, see the item on page
47. Red Cross. The American Red Cross asks that Rotarians (age 30 through the
middle ...


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The two squads were Their leaders were wounded ; others were dropping.
Sergeant Ingman took command, encouraging the men to fight. A red machine
gun opened fire. The sergeant charged it alone, neutralizing it with a grenade.
Tackling another gun, he was badly wounded. But he reached the gun, and
dispatched the entire crew. When his squad reached him, they found Sergeant
Ingman unconscious—and 100 of the enemy fleeing in panic. "Bucking the
Communists," says ...


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AERIAL ACT Can use 5 or 6 more Clowns Write full details first letter Lncio
Cristiani 1113 Radio Dr. Macon, Ca. ... Included are Man- fred Benneweis with
his tigers, Dora and Herman Althoff and their elephants Hannah Gibson's
chimpanzees, Jose Moeser's horse number; the Two Alvas, aerial- ists; Four
Kovacs, trampoline: Oliveras, bar act; Seven Tsching- ... Strong sponsor Book
and U.P.C. Pay every day.